28 November 2009

Mmmm, Turkey

Daphne is a huge fan of Thanksgiving.

She's like, "turkey? I want turkey!"

But she is unfortunately getting to the point where she can protest the outfits I put on her.

She wore her 49ers outfit for her dad, which I am not sure that she loves.

"Mom, please get this thing off my head."

Surgery recovery update:
She's doing great during the day. Night time is a completely different story. Last night she woke up every single hour. The night before it was every other hour, with a few hours in between of just wanting to be held. The night before that was every three hours. Why is it getting worse??? That seems opposite of what it should be. Right now I feel like she needs us during the night, just for some comfort, but I'm a little concerned about how her parents are going to continue on this path of severe sleep deprivation. It's not good, people, it's not good.

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