24 November 2009


Oh house, how I love thee.

Daphne is happy to be home. She about had a baby heart attack when she saw the dogs. Every time I would bring her into the house she would grunt and angle her body toward whichever door was closest. OK, I can take a hint.

But now it's dark so she's watching G.I. Joe with her dad. And drinking milk! She's only had 8 oz in the past 37 hours, so it's nice when she asks to eat.

Our big hurdle for the next couple of days will be giving her the medications. They taste gross, plus they hurt, so she's a big screamer when medication time rolls around. It was nice when I had a nurse at my beck and call to come give them to her. Anyone a nurse who wants to come live here for a week? I will make you farm fresh scrambled eggs every day. Probably for all three meals because we have lots of eggs.


GrammaR said...

I'll help Thursday and Friday. I might not be as good as a nurse, but I'll try my best.

I'm glad you got to go home. If Daphne is wanting the dogs, she is feeling better.

Praying for a good night.

Emily said...

Praise the Lord she's doing so well!!