15 June 2010

Because I Know You Were Wondering

As you know, (but just in case you forgot) Daphne had surgery in November to repair her cleft palate. Her ENT told us it's typical for children to need another surgery a few months or possibly years down the road because sometimes the clefts can't be fully repaired the first time.

We met with him today for a 6 month follow-up, and he said her little mouth is looking good and she probably won't need another surgery! And while it's a little early to do a formal evaluation of her speech, it apparently comes in very handy that she is a chatter box. Just in his little interaction with her where she told him 'bye' (she doesn't like doctors) and rambled off a bunch of other words while he was chatting with us, he thinks she'll be in the minority of cleft palate kids who don't need speech therapy. Woohoo! Another round of doctors to check off our list.

Of course you never know, all this could change, so we'll see the ENT in 6 months just in case. I'm going to start working with her to have The Declaration of Independence memorized by then, so that when she recites it for all the specialists they'll get a good glimpse of how perfectly she says all her words.

They'll say, "my, my, she is so bright!" and I will say, "yes, yes she is." It will be a really good conversation between the specialists and I.


GrammaR said...

We already know she is a very bright girl! Give her kisses for me. See you Tuesday.

fairchilddesigns said...

Yay Daphne! The little accomplishments in life are generally the most significant. =)

Erin said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear her recite the Declaration! :)

carolynkemple said...

Go Daphne, you can do it. Maybe you can add a couple of Bible verses and a little song to that, "Jesus Loves Me" maybe. I can't wait to hear you! I love you, Gramma K

Emily said...