07 June 2010


A few years ago I was going through the checkout line in Target with a Star Wars man or two, a Hot Wheels police car and some football cards when the cashier said to me, "you must be birthday shopping for a little boy." Um, no, they were for David's birthday. He likes toys.

How great for him that his little girl is just as happy in the toy car aisle as he is.

Have I mentioned yet that Daphne really, really, REALLY likes cars?


Erin said...

haha the movie is SO cute! I love how she is leaning so far forward to look at the cars!

Nutty Mom said...

That picture needs to be on an ad for something! It's AWESOME. I don't know how she can sit like that, but the zeal she's showing is priceless!!!

Jessica said...

Sounds like she would LOVE our boy's Hot Wheels race ramp!

GrammaR said...

I wonder where the Hot Wheels are from when I was little. It was cool! GiGi probably got rid of them. :(