20 June 2010

Daphne and her Daddy

I know Daphne has always loved her daddy, but it's been in the past few months that she's realized just how fun and wonderful he is. He's the one who builds the amazing car tracks, who takes her on long walks, who chases her through the house, and who reads her Richard Scarry's Cars, Trucks and Things that Go.

Often in the morning I'll take Daphne down to wake David up. Then throughout the rest of the day, anytime I head toward our room, she thinks we're going to find Dada in there. She asks for him all morning until he gets up. She fusses for him as he leaves for work. She asks for him all afternoon long, saying 'dada bye bye' with the saddest voice. She does a crazy happy dance if we go visit him at his work.

She loves her daddy, there's no denying it.

Today for Father's Day we started out with an early trip to our favorite Greshem restaurant, The Truffle Hunter, for some breakfast. Dads ate free today, did you know? David wanted to dress in disguise and go for all 3 meals, but Daphne and I thought that was a slightly embarrassing idea.

Because David's meal was free, we decided to go crazy and buy Daphne her first ever restaurant meal off the kid's menu. She's still little enough that she usually just eats off our plates or I bring her things from home. She was amazed and overwhelmed at that plate they put in front of her.

We don't usually have anything made with white flour around our house, so I'm half expecting her colon to start spazzing and possibly fall out of her body thanks to that enormous pancake. That would be an unfortunate end to our day.

I realize this next picture is horrible and blurry, but it is also so funny. Daphne was really good and happy at the restaurant, making breakfast a rather pleasant experience.

We had a plan to go hiking this afternoon, but remember last weekend when I was all excited about that 80 degree day? Well, it's been cold and rainy since then, changing our plans to indoor activities instead.

Part of David's Father's Day gift was some additions to the Hot Wheels track, so our living room was transformed into autobahn central.

Daphne had fun trying to tear apart the track, being cute, chewing on a bracelet, and sitting on a box.

David has been working a lot of overtime lately, meaning we haven't gotten to see much of him, and Daphne and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. Even though we have missed him, we are both thankful for all the hard work he does to keep us warm and clothed and fed. We are grateful to have such a responsible husband and father.

We are grateful that when he finally does have a day off, he is happy to spend it on the floor of the living room, keeping a smile on the face of a little girl who adores him.


Nutty Mom said...

the best I can come up with is AWWWWWWWWWWWW. and it's funny that he got hot wheels stuff for father's day!

GrammaR said...

Happy Father's Day, David. Hey, it's not over yet (note the time stamp)! Brian used to get Legos for gifts. Hot Wheels are good, too!

Gramma said...

That is wonderful tribute to a great husband, and daddy. Makes me proud to be his mom!