29 June 2010

We Have a Well Baby

We learned at Daphne 18 month appointment today that she finally weighs 20lbs! It is now officially legal that she can face forward her in car seat. We're not in any hurry to switch her around, especially since it's encouraged that kids face backwards until they are two. Plus it's kind of nice in a way that she can't see me when we're driving. When she sees me she tends to whine a lot and want me to get things for her.

Daphne is in the 3rd percentile for height (20.3 lbs), 0 percentile for height (26.5 in) and her head continues to amaze us by being in the 90th percentile. But here is an interesting tidbit for anyone who cares...her doctor plugged her into his brand new percentile chart for children with achondroplasia where she is 50th percentile for height and and 0 percentile for head size. What do you know, in some circles she may actually be considered tall.

And just because, here is Daphne one year ago at her 6 month visit. She had shorter hair back then.


Nutty Mom said...

I love the look on her face in the first pic. So sassy :)

GrammaR said...

How often did she tell this doctor 'bye'? Was he impressed with her speaking skills? If you turned her forward, she could warn you of the approaching airplanes instead of those following you. Don't know which is scarier. Give her a kiss for me.

Miche said...

That face! She is like yea you with the camera get a move on :)