09 March 2011

The Last Minute is Not the Best Minute

This morning I had Daphne and I all ready to leave for BSF. We were dressed, clean, diaper bag and my personal bag in hand and ready to walk out the door.

Then I smelled that smell that signaled Daphne had filled her diaper in the final seconds of walking out the door. I dumped my armloads on the ground, did a quick change, and we weren't even late to BSF. Phew.

Tonight I was getting Daphne ready for bed. I changed her into her nighttime diaper and went to get her jammies....when I smelled that familiar smell. May I explain that her nighttime diapers are much thicker then her day-to-day diapers, and we only have three of them? They are the only thing I've been able to find that have not left her bed soaked by the time she wakes up in the morning. I can't believe she so thoughtlessly wasted one and it would be good if she would think about her actions a bit more.

I think it's sad that the last-minute-diaper-blowout happened to me twice in one day.


Nutty Mom said...

Oh I HATE the last minute diaper blowout. Donut was NOTORIOUS for this. I would have her buckled in her carseat before she'd pipe up with "I'm poopy". BAH! Fear not, relief is in sight. Donut potty trained herself in like a day, so I'm sure Daphne is close behind. Of course then there's the inevitable last minute "I need to go potty". Sheesh, when does it end?

GrandpaR said...

Gramma can deal with it today

GrammaR said...

Gramma bought Huggies Overnites. We will see how those do.