31 March 2011

Slices of Life, Vol 2

*One of Daphne's favorite things to do is walk with her belly, legs or toes. If she tells you she wants to walk with her belly, it means she wants to walk with no shirt on (and legs means no pants, etc). Just in case she ever asks you if she can walk with her belly and that question confuses you.

*Daphne wants to know what everything says. Mama, Daddy, butterflies, rocket ships, ambulances, doors, balloons...there is no limit to her curiosity on what any person, place or thing might say.

*The other constant questions we hear are "who's that?" and "what's that?" Reading a book really isn't that fun anymore because she asks "what's that" to every tiny thing on every page. And of course she asks about the same item 10,000 times.

*I love it when Daphne wakes up in the night and starts talking to herself. Two nights ago she woke up to sing the Spongebob Squarepants song. Last night she woke up and "tweet tweet tweet-ed" like a bird. It cracks us up.

*The other day we were getting ready to head out the door when Daphne disappeared for a minute...and came back wearing one of David's hats. Apparently she decided she wasn't officially ready to go until she looked just like Daddy.

*Yesterday after we left a friend's house, I asked Daphne if she had fun playing with her friends. She raised her arms high above her head and said "it was sooo great!" I didn't even know she knew that phrase.

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GrandpaR said...

Daffy is scared of Pillbugs!