07 March 2011

We've Been Shopping

I think I've mentioned before that our camera has slowly been going the way of the buffalo. Thankfully we have a camera guy (everyone needs a camera guy) who was able to get us a fabulous refund since the camera was still under warranty. On top of that, our camera guy had a Canon DSLR available for a super great deal. Combine that with our refund and we got ourselves a new camera! For dirt cheap! And by dirt cheap I mean half the price that we had saved for a camera.

Helloooo new shoes. I mean groceries. Or gas. Whatever.

David had an older film Canon with a couple of lenses that fit this camera, so we now have a new camera plus 3 lenses. Christmas has come early.

David, who used to take pictures everywhere we went but hasn't been as into the hobby lately, was totally a camera hog today. He was mostly taking pictures of flowers and fences but I made him take pictures of Daphne, too. I don't know why he always forgets to take her picture. Doesn't he realize how cute she is??

We have another new item that came in the mail last week. I saw these Stonz Booties on a deal-a-day website that I watch and I thought they seemed like they would be great to go over Daphne's braces. She's been wearing them around and we LOVE them. The website gives all the details, but they are basically a water-proof nylon "boot" that is made to be worn over shoes, socks, or even barefoot to give some extra warmth or to make a regular shoe water-proof. They fit perfectly over Daphne's braces so now she can run around outside and her little feet stay warm and dry. They are washable, which is good for muddy spring, fall, and winter weather. I love that her pants tuck into them, too, because it's so annoying when her hems get soaked and then we have to change pants after every trip outside. Stonz Booties are good; maybe you should buy some.

We only got about 5 minutes to play with the camera this afternoon, because sure enough, Daphne fell right into that container of water. She was fine; she's really tough so she actually thought it was really funny. She talked non-stop later about how she fell in the water and how her face got wet. I kind of think that next time we go out she's going to try it again. Her little body was soaked from head to calf, but her socks and braces were perfectly dry thanks to her booties.

I don't know if the website mentions that you can swim in them, but apparently you can.


GrandpaR said...

Daffy's feet can stay dry when we feed the pigs and chickens! And launch a rocket of course.

GrammaR said...

How many color choices are there? She needs a pair to match every outfit, right?

I guess falling in the water means she won't be afraid of her swimming pool this summer.

Papa forgot the llamas. Well, we don't feed them but they are right by the chickens.

GrammaR said...

Next time Daphne decides to go swimming, you need to take a photo. Did you see Stonz Booties has a photo contest? How many kids go swimming and keep their feet dry?