17 March 2011

Some Sunshine Would be Nice

We are sooo ready for Spring. A Spring that brings 80 degree weather so that we can play outside.

I think we're getting stir crazy.

But I learned a new skill...

...I can make butter. You just need a cow, her milk, something that can mix stuff really fast and voila! butter.

We get raw cow milk (the goats we were milking are busy having baby goats right now so we needed a new milk source) from a local farm and I needed to come up with creative ways to use the cream. Butter is very useful, and soon I will make sour cream and probably yogurt. It would be so helpful if I had my own cow. (Or if my parents would get a milk cow...)


Nutty Mom said...

Come to Texas for a visit. It's like 85 today. We're hoping the pool is nice and warm for swimming in a few weeks :-)

GrandpaR said...
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GrandpaR said...

(Or if my parents would get a milk cow...)

BWHAAHAAHAAHAA...a milk cow.....twice a day...everyday.....right!

Come milk the sows!

GrammaR said...

So, what's it worth to you for me to milk a cow twice a day? And how often will you come get the milk?

The baby pigs are in the barn. Daphne can help feed them. That entertains her and she would stay dry.