12 June 2011


Times have been tough around here.

Daphne is dropping sleep, always a rough transition. Is it like that for everyone else, too?

A friend once told me, "don't be too excited when things are going well, because they'll change soon, and don't be too discouraged when things are going poorly, because they'll change soon."

Well, my friends, change has come.

Daphne is now getting up at 5AM. 5. I do not like 5. Only crazy people like the 5 o'clock hour. (My apologies if you are one of those crazies and I'm offending you right now by calling you crazy.)

Essentially, she's dropping from almost 14 hours of sleep to 11. I'm working to move her bedtime a little later because it seems that she'll sleep 11 hours no matter when I put her to bed. But you know how hard the evenings are with a tired, grouchy child, especially when you're by yourself. I just want to put her to bed because I know she'll fall right to sleep, but the earlier she's in bed the earlier she's up...and that makes me tired and grouchy.

One of Daph's new favorite hobbies is throwing things out of anger. Like her full plate of food if she decides what I serve her is not what she wants. When she throws her food, she is immediately done eating and we clean up the mess, put it in the fridge and we wait an hour or so until another meal time comes around to try again.

Yesterday this went on for 6 hours straight, and she cried and screamed for almost the entire 6 hours. Daphne's always been a fit thrower, but this was pretty amazing to see. I wished more people would have been around to watch the spectacle with me.

I know no one believes me when I say she can be quite the little stinker, because when we're out with friends or family she is a smiling, cheerful gem. Seriously, a delight. I don't know why she turns the switch when she's home with us. This past week David told me he was actually glad he got to leave and go to work instead of having to be home with Daphne.

But I am at home, trying not to become too discouraged. I'm sure it doesn't help that pregnancy sickness seems to be back, although I'm sure you don't want to hear about my gross vomit issues and the fact that I think I may need an esophagus transplant (do they do those?) thanks to the acid wear-down in my throat. Oh, too much information? Sorry.

So I'm just here, waiting for change to come. Because as I hear it, it always comes eventually.

Hey look, a not-mad Daphne! But only because we're at someone else's house and she's being pushed around by a child half her age but double her size.


surprisedbyjoy said...

Oh I'm sorry things are so rough right now! Pregnancy is exhausting on it's own, but combined with a demanding toddler it's a whole other beast. We have our own little "spirited" fit thrower/screamer, who still wakes up three to four times a night and every time I get discouraged and think I will never sleep again, I remember how strong you were/are and you made it! You're right, this will pass, but the boys are home with me officially next week and we should get a playdate on the calendar, or a couple. I'll make lunch and the kids can chase each other around the park with sticks. It will be magical :).

Miche said...

I love 5am! Love it :) Call me crazy if you wish but you are truly missing out.

My kid gets up at 5:30 each day and I'm estatic about that fact because I'd rather her do that than stay up late.

Yep, I'm crazy. I also run at 5am sometimes. Wanna come hang out with me?

Gramma said...

I'm not too sure about the 5 am, but I could do it. When will she come back and feed the llamas? We have more baby pigs for her to chase. And I'll put her outside to eat so when she throws her plate, the cats will eat.

Emily said...

I'm sorry, Melissa!! I'm with you on 5am being waaaaaay too early! I was getting up at 5:30 for a few weeks in order to have some quiet time alone and to shower before the girls go up but then I was getting worn down and cranky and needing more sleep so I'm back to sleeping until 6ish, depending on when my early bird (Evie) gets up.

I appreciate your honesty about it being hard and especially so right now! I can completely relate!! I feel like we're in a pretty tough season right now with the girls as well (and to those who say that all of parenting is a tough season, I say [a] stop making unhelpful statements and [b] while your statement is true, some seasons are more tough than others). :)

Kim said...

Can I just say that I cracked up that Daphne started throwing fits right after sleeping through the night? These two seem to be two of a kind. Glad to know if I ever feel like I'm losing my marbles that you will understand :) I wonder if Addie will continue the trend of big fit thrower?

GrandpaR said...

"I wonder if Addie will continue the trend of big fit thrower? "

Only if she follows her Mom's footsteps.