23 June 2011

You Know Your House is a Disaster When...

*On day 1 of cleaning there are 2 sweet ladies working for several hours and only finish cleaning the bathroom.

*On day 2 of cleaning the cleaning number multiplies to 4 sweet ladies and 1 man.

*You come home from a play date to 2 cleaning vans and 2 furnace repair trucks parked in front of your house and in your driveway so you have to park a couple of houses away.

*Your driveway has 4 neighbors waving nets and bamboo sticks around as they try to get their runaway rabbit out of your hedge.

*I still can't find the camera cord and Daphne won't tell me where it is.

Take it from me: our house is officially disaster central. You might want to stay away.

1 comment:

Gramma said...

Maybe we should keep D for two weeks. You need a vacation.