15 June 2011

Oh, Daphne

Today Daphne threw a fit that I can understand...

We walked right by DSW Shoes and when she saw that we were just passing and not stopping she tried to throw herself out of the stroller as she was yelling "No! that store! that store!" It was great.

This photo shows her trying on Daddy's shoes, which she wanted to do so badly, and then starting to get mad because she couldn't walk in them.

Right at this exact moment she's weeping and wailing her in bed because rest time is so dull, but if she would just move her body a little bit she would see the pile of books I left for her to look at during this time.

Oh, Daphne.

1 comment:

Gramma said...

Why would she want to go to DSW Shoes? Coastal has anything she would need: barn boots, town boots, rain boots, show boots.

If she moves too much, she might figure out how to get out of bed.