16 July 2013

Monday, The Day We Celebrated

Monday loomed ahead of us: the day we would have to wake Christian mid-nap in order to go spend our last few hours at the hospital to finish up Kidney Stones 2013.

Besides Daphne asking a nice grandma-type lady why she was so old, our trip was fairly stress free because I am the most amazing mom ever because I stuffed their faces with juice boxes and string cheese and fruit leather.  When you're bored you should eat, I think would be the moral of that story.  

So then we celebrated with Yo Cream.  Because when you're happy you should eat.

(Do you like how I did the gloomy part of the day in black and white and the happy part in color?  That's what is called an artsy move.)

I thought I would have more to say but apparently I don't.  I think it's because there's about 900% humidity outside and we northwesterners aren't used to such stickiness in our weather thus it's hard for me to move my arms.  I keep imagining I'm hearing thunder (a good thunderstorm would be a nice accompaniment to this humidity) but I think it's just neighbors rolling their garbage cans out. 

Oh, David and I just started a new show.  White Collar.  We're almost caught up with Psych so we needed something of similar hilarity to entertain us.  So far (we've watched like 3 episodes) it's pretty good; not as funny as Psych but funny enough to keep us watching.  Otherwise the only other show we watch together is Grimm.  That's filmed here in Portland, you know.  I've even seen one person I know on an episode as an extra.  David needs to be an extra, don't you think?  He did get his picture taken with the main guy when he was at his precinct one time.  That was pretty cool. 

Today we went to the park for a bit.  Daphne, wearing shorts and a tank top, went running across the bark chips toward the play structure, fell down on the ground, and her underwear fell off.  She got up and it was just lying on the ground.  I have no idea how that happened, but it was really, REALLY funny. 

So we started at the hospital and ended with lost underwear.  That's some good blog post content (and a lot of words for not having a lot to say. 


Erika said...

I think that if I met Daphne in person, she might be my favorite person on the planet. I might even kidnap her. So it's probably good you live so far away. But anyway- LOST HER UNDERWEAR!???!! I really would like to see an instant replay to figure out how that is even possible.

Kelley said...

I am puzzling over the wearing of shorts and losing underwear. Only D could pull that off. Yes, pun intended.