10 July 2013

Our 4th of July Vacation, The Finale

If you want to read only the most interesting blog post you've ever read in your life, I invite you to head right over here.  If you like me and think you want to be my friend, you should actually just skip right on over me and be friends with Shelley instead.  She's much cooler.  She has a lot of terrific words to share; you'll appreciate learning from her humble wisdom. 

She said it all and then some; it really is such a treat to so easily be friends with someone.  Don't we all need to be able to late-night text with a kindred spirit about the atrocity that was the Downton Abbey Season 3 finale?  Yes, I think so. 

So of course no extended trip south can be made without a visit with her and her two darling girls, and a summer picnic at a picturesque park right next to the river was just the place.  (Of course Christian is left wondering why he is always surrounded by girls?) 

These visits are too few and far between, that's for sure. 

The rest of our weekend was spent swimming at GAB's, trying to discourage the kids from eating what they assumed was tables full of free berries at the Farmer's Market, and trying to keep Christian from completely falling apart.  Apparently the combo of fighting sickness and skipping naps for three days causes him to lose his mind and decide to hate life. 

David was starting to feel better as our weekend was ending but the past two days have been pretty bad again.  Hopefully the next two days will bring some change, because as much as his kidney stones appear to love him, he does not return the same affection for them.  (Actually I think it's just one giant stone.  One giant and unmoving, wants-to-stay-forever stone.)

where's David?


Shelley said...

Seriously, you are too much. Makes me want to think rather highly of myself but then, I know myself pretty well, so I know better. ;) I'm so glad we happened to meet at that picnic, almost a year ago. I think you should come to this year's and we can have an anniversary celebration. Ha.

Poor, poor David, I hope this is all behind him soon. And as far as Christian's meltdowns go, just know that he is definitely not the only one.

Loved reading, as always.

P.S. STILL have not forgiven Downton for what they did to me.

GrandpaR said...

Remember -- I introduced you two... or I would have had you not started talking first!