09 July 2013

Our 4th of July Vacation, Part 1

Crickets have been chirping on the ol' blog lately, but I do have a few good reasons for why that is:

Kidney stone, fevers, lots of vomit, crabby kids.

The stones are David's, and the same day we were at the hospital getting him a CT scan because the doctor thought he had appendicitis, Christian started throwing up in the waiting room, which spread to Daphne the next day...you get the picture.

The kids are better now, but we have to take David to the doctor again today because he's still not back to perfect shape and it's been over a week since his diagnosis.

Meanwhile, I am the pillar of strength in our family right now....which really isn't saying much.

We had great plans for the 4th last week, with David having the whole week off as vacation time and all, but kidney stones and vomit tend to throw a wrench in those plans.  Plan A turned into Plan B, but Plan B was so perfectly fun that it all worked out just fine.

We spent the morning of the 4th at Grandma and Papa-Great's house, picking raspberries, watching tractors, hanging out on the front porch (a porch that is on my Top 10 Favorite Summer Hang-Out's list).  

I just love this house: my grandpa grew up here, then my dad, then I got to play here (because I grew up 2 miles down the road), and now my kids are enjoying farm life at its finest here as well. 

The 4th night was at Gigi and Papa B's.  We love staying at their house because Gigi cooks us lots of food and Daphne can ride the lawn mower with Papa B and Christian can play basketball all day long.  Best hotel ever.

I dressed the kids in matching flag t-shirts, and coordinated myself with a blue stripe dress, but David wore brown (not proper patriotic family matching and a totally lame color to wear on the 4th of July) so we didn't take a family photo like I wanted.  Plus this is how it went with trying to get the kids to have a picture taken together:

A whole lot of not good.  Christian was exhibiting classic post-sick, sleep deprived behavior. 

The fun of this vacation did not end here!  But alas, my patience for sitting here and uploading photos has.

Stay tuned. 

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janene said...

I've been stalking your blog for awhile, but after reading Shelley's post today I thought I would say hi :) your kiddos are the cutest!