29 June 2013

I Can Run But I Can't Hide

My plan to wear the kids out so they would sleep backfired on me.  Both kids talked in their beds for two hours before they feel asleep (ooh, maybe they'll sleep in!) and then they were both up about an hour earlier than they usually are.

My theory is this: they think to themselves "Mom plans so many fantastic activities for us, we should sleep as little as possible in order to maximize our participation in all the fun!"

This morning Daphne was desperate to swim, and once we got out there they were playing so well I knew it was my opportunity to enjoy my iced coffee and my book that's due in three days but I haven't started yet. 

But of course, you know how it goes, I sat down, they ran to me, Christian kept trying to steal my coffee, then he grabbed my phone and threw it in the pool, and as I ran to get my phone he got my coffee.  (Sneaky little bugger.)

I decided to hide under the grape arbor where David put together a lovely bench swing.

They found me. 

So we made paint (using this recipe...although I have issues with being able to properly thicken things so we used paintbrushes and it was kind of like watercolors).  They thought the painting was fun but then they were starving. 

After lunch and an I-blinked-and-almost-missed-it tiny nap, we went back outside where I managed to bribe them into happiness with this Wendy's Frosty-like recipe.  I found the recipe today, during the tiny naptime, because while they are usually very happy with the fruit/veggie smoothies I make them, I knew today I needed to step it up.  Bring my A-game.  Pull out the big guns (chocolate).  This experiment recipe ended up being a winner, and I see it being a staple in our lives this summer. (The recipe calls for almond milk, but I just used whole cow milk and it was great.) 

I see mom's coffee

I see mom

Other than a few tense moments, mainly the phone in the pool and Christian guzzling the coffee, we had a pleasant summer day where they swam together and explored together and also did some screaming and hollering at each other (all in love, I'm sure). 

Maybe they'll be so tired from their full day that they'll sleep many long hours tonight.   Maybe also fairies will clean my house while I sleep and maybe a mysterious benefactor will leave blueberries and raspberries and one million dollars on my kitchen counter because I feel like all of those items would be put to good use here.  Maybe my phone will heal from its watery trauma.  Yes, maybe all these things will happen. 


Anonymous said...

put your phone in a bucket of rice. your family is so fun! :-)

Nicole said...

haha!! i love the whimsical way you talk about real family life. cheers for being awesome like that.

i found your blog via shelley smuckers! thank God for awesome friends, right?!