28 June 2013

Summertime: When Swimtime Doubles as Bathtime

Wait, what?  Did I just admit that outloud?

Two days ago I was wearing rain boots and today we were roasting, but we were joyfully roasting because summer is so wonderful. 

Today was Daph's last day at VBS, even though she told me she wants to go to Bible School for forever.  We should be those people who just hop around to all the VBS's we can find.

My current goal is that D will be so tired from VBS, and now both she and Christian will be so tired from our pool playdate this afternoon, that they will both sleep many long hours because David will be gone all day and night long tomorrow.  We'll see how it works out for me.

Speaking of David, he told me that he couldn't fall asleep after he got home from work the other night, so his idea for a sleep aid is to pray because the devil won't want him to pray so he'll make David fall asleep instead.  Haha!  Totally sound and not sacrilegious logic there.

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Shelley said...

Ha! I have to admit, I've done the same thing to fall asleep.

In regards to the VBS post, Daph is hilarious. I kid you not, she is probably the most social, spunky, want-to-swallow-the-world-whole girl I know. She will go far. But you already know that.

Isn't it the weirdest how summer waits each year to show up until basically the 4th of July? There are still sweaters lying on the floor of my closet and today I wore my swim suit and shorts around the house. Crazy.

Keep up the posting!