18 June 2013

Father's Day Weekend at the Beach (Plus Photo Overload!)

We got back last night from spending a couple days at the Washington beach.  Daphne is still there getting to camp in Grandma and Papa's trailer, one of her most favorite things to do.

I like sleeping in rooms with beds and showers, so David, Christian and I stayed at what is now my most favorite little motel ever.  Actually, I think 'inn' would be a better descriptive word.    Cutest place I have ever seen and ridiculously cheap.  I hope we can go back sometime and stay longer.

Fireplaces and full kitchens!  I think we paid $86. Cheap.

trying to escape off the deck.  there are firepits and picnic tables down there

wow! checking his face out on the tablet

It took Christian a few minutes to decide if he wanted to touch the sand, but once he figured it was safe he was off and running.  Even the water didn't scare him (until he got run over by a few waves). 

love when you can drive onto the beach

kite flying

catching some rays

aren't we just the cutest

 Now today it's just us with Christian.  This morning we took him on a mini hike on Mt Tabor that ended at a playground, and while he climbed and slid and spent a great deal of time driving a fake Gator (or maybe it's a Jeep, now that I think about it?  That would make more sense),  I got to sit and read my favorite magazine with a cup of coffee from a favorite coffee shop.   Taking not-babies to the playground is the best thing ever.  It is also helpful to take along a husband. 

not kidding: most wonderful/useful magazine ever


Julie Miller said...

Taking the kids to the park eventually becomes fun? So looking forward to that (and not having to go down the slide with my daughter while pregnant). And I'm going to check out that magazine right now!

Nikki Loy said...

Hey Melissa! I love seeing pictures of your little ones! Might have to check out your magazine there. I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, red lettuce, tomatillos, and herbs this weekend. I plan on being a canning fool this year!

melissa said...

I know, it's hard to believe the playground can actually be fun...but it does happen eventually!! Maybe not for awhile for you, though. :) And I hope you love the magazine as much as I do!

melissa said...

Your garden sounds yummy! This magazine always has lots of canning recipes and tips in the summer editions. The two I read this weekend had berry syrup recipes and good ways to keep basil over the winter.

Lori said...

Great post......are you wearing your hair different or something.....you look like you're 12....you look great, just 12!

melissa said...

Haha! i think I'm OK with looking 12. I got my hair trimmed last week and she made my bangs shorter than usual, so maybe that's it? Or maybe I just have natural anti-aging genes?