05 June 2013

We Heart Summer

This weather!  It's so glorious to feel like summer is here.  We've been eating lettuce from the garden and have had like 10 strawberries so far. 

BSF has been out for two weeks now.  I got to be a part of such a great group this year and already Wednesdays don't feel quite the same without them.  This morning we organized a little play date at our house and I'm sure we couldn't asked for better weather, or for the group of kids to play together so well.
except Daph: miss bossy pants

Speaking of Daphne, I love this picture from the other day when we were playing baseball in the front yard.  She hit Christian in the head with the bat resulting in the bat being taken away from her.  She had a little meltdown about it and David said, "Well, raise your hand if you're the one who hit Christian in the head with the bat?"

She was so quick to raise her hand, tears and all.

Even with playing outside so much, and eating almost every meal out there, we do come in for art projects sometimes.  It appears that Daph can't live more than a day or two without having a 'special project' to work on.  Last week we did polka dot painting with q-tips.  I was surprised at how diligently and quietly Christian was working until I looked up from my dishes and saw that he was swirling the paint-covered q-tips around in his hair.

He thought he was SO funny. 

This afternoon we're going to try something really crazy:  I'm going to take my book outside and see if they will play while I read.  What do you think?  Will it be reading for the win?  My guess is no, but it never hurts to dream big. 

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Meeka said...

The playdate was so great! D was exhausted that night. Also, I am totally stealing that idea for q-tip art. Genius!