04 June 2013

Let's Make This Post Really Long

A few issues that need to be addressed:

1.  Sunday while driving to church a HUGE SPIDER the size of my head walked across the door millimeters from my arm.  I kept my cool and very slowly unbuckled myself and climbed up onto the center console.  It took David a ridiculous about of time to decide to pull over for me; I was basically sitting on the steering wheel before he did.  Once I was able to open the door and stomp the spider dead, we continued on our way and the kids really had no idea what had happened.  Anyways, I tell this story because I feel like spiders/scary insects crawling around inside your car and startling you while driving should not happen.  God should somehow strike that form of persecution from our lives.  It seems to be the type of terrible thing that serves no purpose.  Plus, people could die.  

2.   David told his partner at work that I think the black market is a real place.  What?  This is not true.  I know all about how the black market works.  David is under strict orders to undo the damage he's done to my reputation. 

3.  It wasn't until I was married that I learned that 'sherbert' is actually 'sherbet.'  I've tried these past few years to say it correctly, but I've just decided I don't want to try anymore.  I would like to start a petition that we officially change the name to 'sherbert.'  Yes?  Maybe if I ever decide to be political, I will try to really do something about that. 

Anyways.  Now that I've gotten that off my chest.

Christian is obsessed with basketball right now.  David bought him a little Nerf hoop to hang in the house, but I gotta say, the flaming orange fire on the backboard was hurting my eyes.  It needed some sprucing up, so I raided my scrapbook paper supply, grabbed my X-Acto knife and some double sided tape and set to work.  You see where this is going?  Are you slightly horrified?  Because David was.  He thought it was just a little too crafty-nutso of a thing to do.
before = ugly

But look how much prettier it is now!  No more orange flames staring me in the face.  It's important to me that things are pretty. 

I found this giant red bat at Salvation Army half price day the other day.  Christian is surprisingly good at playing baseball.  He hasn't hit the ball yet, but at least he swings at mostly the right time.  Daphne isn't quite as skilled: the ball pretty much hits her in the face before she remembers to swing. 
such natural form

Christian loves it when David mows the lawn.  How sweet are these pictures?  Daddy's little shadow.  (I'm glad one of them is properly clothed.)

Check out the fabulous Pinterest-inspired pallet yard organizers David has put together recently:

I've heard it said that some husbands cringe at hearing from the wife, "look what I found on Pinterest today!"  Not so, David.   He recognizes a good thing when he sees it (obviously, since he married me).  I'm very thankful that he's a go-getter type.  Once he has a bee in his bonnet, like recognizing the benefits of these lovely pallet organizers, he gets right to it and gets 'em done.  He did the outside one yesterday afternoon after I had just shown it to him the morning before.

It almost helps soften the blow from the black market misunderstanding.   


Kelley said...

Where did we go wrong that our daughters are terrified of spiders? All you do is grab a Kleenex and squish them.

I bet D is happy to have a ladder! Nice backboard, Melissa. I agree, the orange flames were a little much. However, you could have found some OSU paper to C knows who he will be playing for someday. C needs to come help me mow our yard. Good job, David, with the pallets.

Erika said...

OMG!!! The spider in the car!!! Bug-in-car scenarios are my personal nightmare. I always wonder what would happen if a bee/wasp flew in and either stung me and/or got me so freaked out that I wrecked my car...I hope that I would not be considered at-fault, and could I ever prove that it had happened?? Yikes. Anyway, glad you survived. And HIGH FIVE on making that basketball goal WAY cuter!! Such a great idea!