26 June 2013

VBS Makes Her Life Worth Living

I took Daph's picture to commemorate her first ever VBS and this is what I got from her:

Why, I ask?  Why?

She was so happy once we got to church.  When I picked her up afterward I asked if she would be OK with going to Bible School everyday this week.  She said, "Will you take me there?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Will you leave me there all by myself and my teachers will take care of me?"


Then she yelled "Yay!" and gave me a big hug.  There is such love between us.

Day two I tried for another picture.

Obviously that went well.

Anyways, she's loving VBS, and everyday when I drop her off I feel a stab of guilt for not being a VBS volunteer and just taking advantage of all the other nice volunteers who are taking care of my girl for the week.  And then Christian and I hop in the car and I have only him for 2.5 hours and the guilt quickly gives way to joy.  Not really sure what that says about me, but probably nothing good.

(For the record, I DID volunteer before I had kids.  Lots of times.  So maybe it's OK to not right now?  Plus it would be awful of me to ruin Daphne's life by staying at church with her.)

My only big beef is that I always hear how exhausted little ones are after big activities like this.  Long naps, early bedtime, a quieter afternoon at the least.  For some reason the opposite happens in our house as Daphne flies higher than a kite in the energy category for the rest of the day.  She says things like "I need some more food so I can have some more energy!" and I'm like "How about let's fast for the rest of the day?"

Other than VBS, we're plugging through a busy week of David working loads of overtime, but it's OK because starting Sunday he has 10 days off and it's vacation time.  Not like going-anywhere-special vacation time, just free-of-work vacation time.  I hear the weather is supposed to be nice and hot, which sounds to me like perfect summer vacation weather. 


Erika said...

Oh my gosh. These pictures made MY life worth living. I love how enthusiastic she is about VBS!! And totally don't feel guilty about not volunteering, especially if you put in your time pre-kids!!! (That's what I tell myself about volunteering in the nursery @ church for the last 4 years sans kids...once I actually HAVE kids to drop off, I plan on feeling guilt-free about taking advantage!!)

Julie Surface Johnson said...

Great post, Melissa. Thanks for the trip back in time to when my kids were small and going to VBS. Enjoy your time with Christian. One-on-one time with each child is so good!