12 June 2013

Instagram is for Smart People

This week I took a major jump in technology and joined Instagram.   It feels like attempting rocket science trying to figure it out.

We don't have smart phones (we're not smart enough) but David has been wanting a tablet for ages.  We were chatting with one of his work friends, who owns a computer shop and is our adviser on all things computery, and he recommended the Samsung Galaxy.  Then what do you know but the very next day, that same tablet was on Groupon for mega % off.  It's like God was telling us to buy it.

Now David spends hours playing Star Wars Angry Birds and I try to figure out how to make Instagram work.  So far I don't know how to erase the pictures I don't want to share, and I don't know how to share pictures anywhere else (like the blog), but just a few minutes ago I accidently found that people were patiently waiting for me to approve them as followers and I just had no idea they were waiting.  It's been a pretty wild ride so far.    

Word on the street is that it is very uncool to take pictures with a tablet.  If our kids were older they would be so embarrassed of us.  Still, despite the embarrassment, we took the tablet to Shriners yesterday because it's way easier than hauling my DSLR around.  But since I don't know how to share pictures I don't get to show them to you.  They are really good pictures though, so at least you'll have something to look forward to in the future.

Meanwhile,  I can share camera pictures.

Like of Daphne, who likes to memorize books and then 'read' them to Christian.

This afternoon I got out the little Ikea finger puppets and she put them on her fingers and started telling stories for us.

She's really good at story-telling, something I know she gets from David.  Although we did have this conversation at bedtime tonight:

Daph: "Can you tell me a story about when you were a little kid?"  (This is her most recent addition to our bedtime routine.  I ran out of stories like 3 weeks ago.)
Me: "I don't know any more stories."
Daph: "Well Daddy knows stories."
Me: "I know, he's better at telling stories than I am."
Daph: "Daddy is NOT better than you!"

That's right, girl.  Preach it.

Wednesday morning around 8:45 is Christian's favorite part of the week: Garbage Truck Time.  This fall we have to be at BSF earlier on Wednesdays than we have the past few years so I hope we won't have to start missing this thrilling weekly event. 

My sister took a few photos at Christian's baby dedication on Mother's Day.  It was fun to get to dedicate Christian with dear friends who were dedicating their daughter, Truth.  Truth's big sister is named Daphne as well, and I like these pictures because I think they were taken when Ken was sharing how we both had Daphnes, and then how Truth's and Christian's names go together as well if you're thinking in a Biblical/Jesus/God way.  I had never even thought of that connection before.   How special of us to be so name coordinated. 

The kids can use these pictures in their wedding slide show someday.

And something that I didn't take a picture of...I got a big, deep sliver the other day that I just cannot get out.  So I've done what any other logical person would do and just stuck a band-aid on it and am basically waiting for my thumb to die and fall off.  I'll let you know how that goes.

That's all for now.  Let's see if I can go figure out any more of that Instagram business. 


Erin said...

Shouldn't coconut oil fix your sliver?

melissa said...

Oh, I should try. Ive been doing skin conditioning oil and im supposed to do a baking soda paste but I keep not wanting to take the time. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to remember.

Kelley said...

Or you could grab a pin and start digging.

Congrats on your early BSF time!

melissa said...

It hurt too much! This morning I took the band-aid off and the sliver was gone and it doesn't hurt anymore. Apparently my method work! :)

Shelley said...

Slivers work themselves out! I'm not kidding you. Most of the time I just leave them alone and they just wiggle themselves away. That is too funny about Instagram...I assure you, it's really not all that complicated. I would tell you how to share the photos to other places, but I forget how....I do it a round-about way. I share them to Facebook, but I don't want them showing up on my facebook and giving everyone a double dose when I put them on my blog. So I set my facebook settings for instagram to "private" so only I see them. Then I copy and paste them from Facebook onto my blog. It's actually faster than any other kind of photos for my blog, even though I'm sure all of this made no sense. Good luck! Oh and try youtube for all your questions. Usually they have videos and tutorials of pretty much anything on there. I, for one, am very glad you joined the Insta-world.:)

melissa said...

I'm so glad to know it's OK to leave them in! It was gone this morning so I was wondering if I experienced some sort of sliver miracle or if it was just normal sliver activity. Good to know I never have to try to get one out again. And, good Instagram tips! They make sense. I figured out how to copy them to my dropbox account and then I can send them anywhere I want. I feel so modern and cool! Youtube is a good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of that.