13 June 2013

First Ever Instagram-Based Post

IMPORTANT UPDATE #1:  My sliver has healed itself.  From now on I am never, ever going to try to get a sliver out.  I kept an anti-bacterial oil on it and after 3 days the sliver is gone and you can't even tell it was there.  Miraculous sliver news.  I've always hated slivers, so that's why this newly learned information is very exciting to me. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE #2:  I can now use Instagram pictures in places other than Instagram.  This is why I'm posting two days in a row, because now I can share the pictures from Tuesday's Shriner's trip.  Which is actually nothing exciting because basically every Shriner's trip is the same.

When Daph needs new shoes we make a visit every other week for 8 weeks to get the shoes fitted and made.  This happens probably every 3 months.  Sometimes I feel like doctor's appointments rule our lives.

C trying to escape the tiny room.  Note the face of angst.

Looking out the window provides 30s of distraction

Sabrina is just fabulous to Daphne.  Daphne loves her and paints her pictures and looks forward to getting to go see her.  Sabrina lets Daphne draw on her shoe molds and even took us on a tour of their lab a few weeks ago.  There were a lot of legs and feet all over the place.  (Fake ones.)  This spring Sabrina did a presentation with Daphne and her crazy feet as the focus.  I wish we could have gone and given her a standing ovation. 

This week's visit was extra special, though, because the hospital had had a toy drive and each little patient got to choose a new toy at their visit.  Part of me feels badly when Daphne benefits from these types of events, because I guess I feel like the toys are for 'needy' children?  And D is hardly needy.  I mean, she feels like her life is pretty hard because she doesn't have her own tiny vacuum cleaner, but other than that she has everything she needs to make it through each day.

Then I think about how many hours she spends sitting in tiny doctor's offices and I'm thankful for those who donate to these drives so that she can have something fun to help make the hours fly faster. 

After Shriner's we went to The Spaghetti Factory for lunch because I had realized I haven't been there in 8 or 9 years.

We let the kids run along the riverfront for awhile in the hopes of getting some wiggles out before lunch.  It didn't really work.  Christian was a mess and ate his crayons.

David said, "We should come here sometime without the kids.  I think that would be more fun."

I do believe that he is correct.


Kelley said...

Let me know when you need a sitter.

So, did D go to the presentation or just pictures?

melissa said...

Just pictures. And they blacked out her face, so I'm sure they weren't very flattering.