28 May 2013

Lots of Pictures of The Boy

Christian and I got some serious bonding in last week while Daphne was gone.  I thought he would miss her, but...no.  Having mama all to himself made him very happy.

Those pictures are from Friday's lunch when I was saying his name using all sorts of different voices.  He thinks I'm so funny!  He thinks I should quit my day job and become a comedienne!

Those pictures are from when I tried to make him wear two shirts at one time.  It's so visually appealing to layer, plus I just LOVE mixing patterns, but he did not appreciate my attempts to style him.  Really he just doesn't appreciate wearing clothing, which is why after we got to Albany to pick up Daphne he wore this stunning outfit while driving the tractor:

It's how real farmers dress.

On Memorial Day David worked outside cutting wood and we made a trip with GiGi to the cemetery. Christian played basketball for hours. 

We came home last night to the bumble bed ready for Daphne to sleep in (she was SO HAPPY) (David set it up last week; no one sneaked into our house while we were gone, in case that was unclear).   

We spent this morning at Shriners and now someone really needs to clean my house.  I keep saying "who's going to clean the house?  Who's going to clean the house?"  but no one answers me. 


Erika said...

He looks so cute in the pattern-mixing outfit! Sad that he didn't go for it. But he looked pretty cute in his tractor-riding outfit, too. :)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, Christian is getting SO big! My little guys pretty much hate their clothes too, but the pics you got of him trying to figure out the two shirts is priceless!