09 May 2013

I've Gained 10lbs From all the Frappucinos

Let me give you a big, giant wrap up of our fun-filled week.  This could take awhile so I hope you're sitting down.

SUNDAY:  It was the first Sunday in at least two months that we didn't have something planned after church.  The weather was still hot so we got out the big pool and Christian got to have his first ever popsicle.  I made chocolate ones, made from chocolate pudding gone wrong, but the kids loved them and I was happy because they were happy and because the too-soft pudding didn't need to be thrown away.  Then we went to Starbucks Happy Hour.

MONDAY:  We went to Voodoo Donuts for the first time ever.  I don't know what to say...there are places with better donuts (although David says they have the best maple bars) and besides the wacky decor, I'm not sure what makes it such a destination location.  (I like how that rhymes.)  The wacky decor is kind of beyond me as I'm not really that wacky.  I guess it was fun to go once.  Then we went to Powell's where I turned in a bag of books and got $30 store credit.  Then I spent $43 and reveled in the joy that came from really only spending $13.  In the afternoon we went to Starbucks Happy Hour.

TUESDAY:  The kidlets went to grandma's house and David and I had 8 whole hours without them.  I think that's the longest since before Christian was born.  It was glorious.  We decided to enjoy the beautiful day by driving down to Aurora and walking as slowly as we wanted through all the antique stores, sitting on random benches in the sun just because we could, and eating a peaceful lunch under a tree.  David is such a funny guy; it was good to spend a few relaxing hours getting to enjoy each other as people, not just as co-parents.  We found a You Are Special plate which I have wanted for my whole entire life.  Why does that Amazon link have one going for $147?  The one I found was $30.  Weird.  Anyways, later that night several great friends gave up their evening to take me out for a birthday dinner.  There's not much I love more than a good girl's night without the kids, with lots of laughter, and checking the clock thinking it might be 9PM and finding it's actually 11. 

WEDNESDAY:  David took the day off so we could enjoy birthday celebrations all day long.  Except that Christian got kind of crazy so we missed our lunch plans (I love him so it's OK), but after his nap we did some shopping and then went to Starbucks Happy Hour.  I only changed one diaper the whole day and I didn't cook.  It was good.

THURSDAY:  Our plan was to stay home because our house and minds are in chaos from the busyness, but I happened to check Craig's List this morning and found the most perfect bunk beds for only $50.  You do not say no to a bargain like that.  They are beautifully designed and made from solid wood, but I am planning on painting them white (with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint that we picked up at The Purple Pear, of course) to make them perfect for Daphne's room.  Her face lit with joy when I showed her the Craig's List ad because she can't wait to have visitors sleep in her 'bumble bed' with her. 

THE REST OF THE WEEK:  Now we have two days left to get our house whipped into shape for Christian's baby dedication at church on Sunday and the Mother's Day dinner at our house afterward.  Daphne's pretty excited that the people at church are going to pray for Christian and then that we get to have a party.  She told Christian at lunch today, "good job eating your lunch!  Now the people can pray for you!"  I tried explaining what a baby dedication was and she's just pretty stuck on the praying part. I guess that part is important: 'pray for us and be our village' and all that. 

Now here's a mess of pictures and you can decide which photos go with which day.  It will be like a fun matching game.  I'll put the answers upside down at the bottom of this post.  Except I won't because what?  I don't even know how that would work. 


Michelle said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Voodoo Donuts weird... and not all they're cracked up to be. If you want really good donuts you should go to Heavenly Donuts. They live up to their name.
And girls' night was super fun! I loved that we stayed out so late without even realizing it.
Sounds like a great birthday week, especially since you got that picture of Daphne swimming. Absolutely priceless.

Erika said...

Totally identifying with the title of this blog!!! Yiiikes. :) And I think that all bunk beds should be called 'bumble beds' from now on because that is WAY cuter!!

melissa said...

Heavenly Donuts is our favorite!! That place is seriously the best.

melissa said...

Every time you comment I feel like I'm getting a comment from a famous person!!

Scooter said...

I'm thinking maybe a little white "bumble bed" for Payton and Cooper would be super cute and just like Daphne. Oh and Cooper squats just like Christian is in the last photo...the results aren't always the best. Especially when he squats in the house.
Love the post and oh yeah, happy last week birthday!