23 May 2013

Hiking in the Rain

When you look out your window at the pouring rain and read the thermometer at 45 degrees, do you automatically think: let's pack up some friends, our kids, and go hike in the woods!!

my clothesline is very wet

Me too.

Except that, despite living in Oregon, we really don't own protective rain gear.  This is because A) it's not cute and B) I don't like to be in the rain and don't make a point of being outside when it's raining so I don't feel like I need clothes to protect myself from it.  That's what my house is for. 

David is working a day shift this week and Daphne left last night to go down south with her grandparents, so Christian and I get to make our own fun for a couple of days.  Today, obviously, was a good day for hiking.

We went to Latourall Falls in the Gorge.  The lower trail is the perfect little hike for kids because it loops past the waterfall and ends at a little grassy park that's good for running around and eating a picnic lunch. 

I wish David could have been along to see how happy Christian was out there.  He was fascinated at everything: the waterfall, the creek, the puddles, the leaves, the sticks.  I felt a little badly having to rush him along the path to keep up with the group because he wanted to stop and inspect every little nature-related item.  He is a mini-David. 

He thought the waterfall was simply amazing.  He was very disappointed when we reached the parking lot because all he wanted to do was go back down to see the water.

To make the day real interesting, I decided that since I've never before experienced the pain of stinging nettles that I should go ahead and grab a handful so I could see if they really hurt like people say they do.  Looking back on it, it probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done, but I truly wanted to know how it would feel.   I've decided I probably won't ever purposefully touch them again.  At least not with my fingers.  If it was on another part of me I could do the baking soda home remedy to help with the burning, but since I need my fingers I don't feel like taking the time to put my hand out of commission for awhile by slathering it with baking soda paste.  If you want to experience stinging nettles I would say offer your leg or something.  Way easier.  

(When David came home I told him I touched nettles on purpose.  He said "Why did you do that?"   I think maybe they don't bother me as much as they might bother others?  I don't react to poison oak, either.  Or is it poison ivy that we have here?  I can never remember.)


Lori said...

You were wrong about rain gear.... I think you look super-cute!!!!

Erika said...

Ummm you are the cutest rain person I've ever seen. And I love that you touched the nettles on purpose. At least now you can personally testify that they are worth avoiding!!!

melissa said...

That's because it wasn't rain gear! I just patched things together and hoped I would stay warmish/dryish. It sort of worked. :)

Kelley said...

We have poison oak here.

I hope Christian had as much fun hiking as Daphne did feeding Pascha and Annie.

Are you going to touch the hot wire to see how it feels? Just wondering.

melissa said...

I can imagine what electrocution feels like. I had no picture for nettles and so I just needed to know.