17 May 2013

I'm with Crazy

We had a 10 minute drive home from the grocery store this morning and Christian and I got to hear some real lovelies from David and Daphne. I won't even say who said which, I'll see if you can guess. 

(This first one gives a good hint of who said it, if you're paying close attention.)

"TREES!  GET OUT OF MY WAY!  Mom, the trees are not being very nice to me.  I can't see the airport.  TREES AND HILLS, GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

"There's a new salad I want to try.  It's a carnivorous salad.  It's full of bacon and sausage and steak and chicken.  It's basically the opposite of a vegan salad."

"What are we having for lunch?"  asked one.
"Beefcake pantyhose," answered the other.

Those two are such interesting people.  

Not to keep Christian out of the fun, last week when it was warm and we were eating all our meals outside, the kids were pretending to be dogs by crawling around on all fours and eating their food off the ground and panting with tongues hanging out.   I wonder if I could send the two of them to obedience school?  It seems like that might be nice. 

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Kelley said...

Never a dull moment!