16 May 2013

Let's Talk About Nothing in Particular

Daph's been so excited about getting her new bumble bed (let's just call it that, shall we?) set up, but last week I told her we had to wait until after our big Mother's Day party was over before we could start working on it. 

I'm pretty sure the first thing she asked about Monday morning was her bed.

So after putting the kids down at night I've been catching up on some quality t.v. while painting.  Does anyone else have a hard time just sitting and watching shows?  I love having something big to work on while I watch.  It makes me feel so energized. 

I'm pretty sure that picture on the television is of the Grey's team sewing together a lady who was accidentally sawed by a chainsaw.   Good stuff.

In other interesting news, ever since Mother's Day weekend my kitchen has been full of fruit flies.  Fruit flies!  In May!  It's disgusting.  They make me feel so dirty.

And speaking of fruit flies, the other week Daphne was explaining to me the particulars of composting: how you put in your old food and stir it up and wait as many sleeps as your fingers and toes and then you get compost to help your flowers grow better.  I was so proud of her for learning all that, thinking myself such a great teacher that she would understand our home composting routine.  Until I asked her where she had learned about composting and she told me she learned it from Curious George. 

And for one more random segue, these are the animals that Christian can make the sounds of:


A truly random but impressive assortment of creatures.

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Kelley said...

I am so happy that staying at Gramma's and watching TV in the chair while eating pancakes and sausage has been educational! We watch that episode almost every time she stays.