22 July 2013

One Post with About Twelve Topics

I've been mentally filing away a few blog posts the past few days, but now that I'm sitting here at the computer I can't think of a single one of them.  It seems my mental filing cabinet got donated to The Salvation Army the day I had a baby.  (Pinterest keeps showing so many cute things to do with old filing cabinets that I wish I would have kept it around.) 

What are we talking about right now?  Real filing cabinets or fake ones?  This is such a weird post. 

David took the kids out to the Gorge for a little hike this morning, leaving me alone in a quiet house for the first time in a VERY long time.  I'm overwhelmed with all the things to do, so overwhelmed that I'm just sitting here thinking about filing cabinets.

If you think I might be sad about missing a family hike, know that we went on a family hike just last week.  We took the same trail Christian and I went on with friends a few months ago, but this time the weather was sticky hot and we got to go real slow so that Christian could stand in awe of the waterfall for as long as he wanted.  Both kids had a great time, and we're definitely planning on getting in a few more hikes this summer and fall.

We've gone blueberry picking twice in the past two weeks with another trip planned for this week.  You should see my freezer right now.  It is so full of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries that don't you know I say a little prayer of thanks every time I think about it. We'll be well fed this winter.

Last Sunday we got to have brunch on The Portland Spirit.  Both kids loved it, but I think Christian was the most impressed.  He was glued to the railing the whole time, in wonder at all the boats, buoys and birds he got to see.  (Accidental but impressive alliteration there.) 

The kids and I just got back from four days down in Albany.  David had some overtime to work, plus we had our fabulous Ohio family here, Pascha was in the Linn County Fair (she's a champion), there was time for a late-night out with Shelley, and baby Callie Anne had her baby dedication, so it seemed a good weekend to force our company down there once again. 

We played this baseball game at Gigi's house, a type I had never heard of before.  I still don't get it 100% (I mostly just went where I was told) but you don't have teams, you just rotate a position as soon as a batter gets out?  Or something like that?  I don't remember what it was called.  But it was so fun!  And Christian just loves baseball now.  As if he needed another ball game to be in love with (seeing as how he also got introduced to croquet).

erin's amazing batting form

And now we're back to the family is gone on their hike and I should probably try to be productive. 

As a side note:  the screen on my cell phone decided to die last night.  An overnight in a bag of rice revived it after Christian threw it in the pool, but apparently it hadn't healed as fully as I had hoped.  It still works just fine, I just can't see the screen, so I'm trying to remember throughout the day to check my messages via the computer.  Just an FYI if you text me and wonder why I'm slow on the response.  Maybe don't use my cell phone if there's an emergency.  We'll probably go buy a new phone today, which is sad because I don't like buying cell phones. 

Have a nice day.


Michelle said...

You guys and your adventures are so cute!
And also... Why did nature make it that moms lose their brains when having kids? Don't we of all people need our brains?!?

Michelle said...

Also, when I have the house all to myself I can't figure out what do with all my glorious free time and usually just end up reading a magazine. Always makes me wonder if I would accomplish anything if I was single/childless.

melissa said...

It makes me wonder if I ever accomplished anything before we had kids!! Did I just lay around the house all day? I just can't remember!

Kelley said...

I am guessing you played 'work up.' I can't believe you hadn't played it before. A lacking childhood, I guess.

Pascha was so happy to get home and run last night. I went out this morning to get Annie, she had her feet trimmed. I totally ignored Pascha. She isn't used to that! I'll spend time with her tomorrow.

Oh, and we don't view your company as 'forced' upon us. We like you to visit.