17 November 2010

Indoor Activities

The weather seems to have officially turned cold, so we are focusing all our attentions on indoor activities these days.

Coffee is always a good outing for our little family. Daphne LOVES going to coffee, and now that she gets her own little coffee drink -a water cup with lid and straw- she makes a very good little coffee date. Before you go thinking that we must spend a load of money on coffee every month, let it be known that we are actually quite cheap. David and I usually get a grande or venti size and share, so $4 once or twice a week isn't so bad. And we hardly ever do anything else fancy that costs money, so see? Frugal.

Every so often we head down to the Clackamas Town Center where they have a little indoor play area. I'm sure it's disgusting and full of germs, but Daph loves it and I can sit on the sidelines with a friend or David and relax for a minute while she plays her heart out. And we kind of like germs, anyways. It's a bit of a drive, otherwise we would probably be there every other day.

Daph gets super excited as soon as we pull into Costco. Samples, anyone? I wish we could request our favorites, which would be craisins and cheese. Maybe the occasional meatball.

Her expectations are so high now that she is aware of the world around her. She can quite clearly tell me exactly where she wants to go, and she always ends her questions with an emphatic "OK!" Like, "go daddy coffee? OK!" Then I dash her hopes by going somewhere boring like the post office. If the post office would consider samples, that would really help.


Nutty Mom said...

Ok, what on EARTH is the kid doing in the background of the second pic!? LOL. Sorry, Daphne is super cute, and those pics are adorable, but I was like what the heck?

Emily said...

Samples at the post office. You crack me up!