23 November 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like You Know What

I've said it before, but we really like to let Thanksgiving have its time in the sun before we start in with the Christmas celebrations.

David bought a lantern a few months ago because he really wanted to make a post for it and stick it in our front yard. (This all ties together with paragraph number 1, I promise.) Yesterday morning he finally got the post in the ground and the lantern attached, and he said "this will look so great with snow on it."

It's like he can predict the future, because by last night...

I know, it's a whole lot of nothing snow. Just enough to send the city into freak-out mode, which is typical anytime we have more than 17 snowflakes.

Daphne had already gone to bed when the snow started, and I value her sleep waaaaayy too much to get her up to watch the first snow. This morning she just looked mildly confused and very cold.

(I need to figure something out for her little feet so that she can walk around in the snow. Her toes are exposed with her shoes and it just feels like an open invitation to frost bite if I send her out like that. I had an inspiration last night that maybe I could find some really soft suede-like boots that could slide over her KAFO's. Nothing that would give too much bulk that would make walking harder, but just something that would give an extra layer of protection. Boots are cool right now, so it seems like I could find something.)

Anyways, it does look mighty festive out there...and not the Thanksgiving kind of festive. More like hot chocolate and Christmas music festive.

I would maybe give in to the pressure if I didn't have the largest turkey of all time sitting on my kitchen counter right now. It was alive and happy just a few days ago, but my dad took care of getting it out of his barn and dead in my kitchen. The neck is really long and gross, and I'm not quite sure how to chop it off.

And I'm sure that just wiped all thoughts of a happy Christmas season right out of your head.


Anonymous said...

Daphne needs some snow hands so she can make a snowman! :)

GrandpaR said...

A large loppers will work just fine.

GrammaR said...

What!? He didn't take the neck off? If I get a bird, he is taking the neck off of it.