18 November 2010

Things I Love

I love that Daphne wants to wear gloves all the time. I love that she calls them hands.

I love that when I got the hiccups last night, Daph pretended like she had the hiccups right along with me. She also wanted 'more' at every break between, as if I could somehow control my spastic diaphragm (or whatever a hiccup is).

I love that when we're sitting on the couch reading books, she sits as close to me as humanly possible, and especially likes sitting with our faces cheek-to-cheek.

I love that when we're playing on the floor, she will almost always wiggle her little buns right onto my lap.

I love that she wants her baby or stuffed Lola dog to do whatever she is doing. Like at supper last night: Daph was in her high chair with a bib, spoon, and bowl, so her baby was sitting in a chair next to her with a bib, spoon and bowl.

I love that she thinks 'some' is an actual item. She will come up to me during the course of the day and say "Daphne have some?" and has no idea that I need to know: some what?

I love that she is big into role playing and imaginative play. The other day while I was changing her diaper she said "Daphne crying" and then screwed up her little face into an hysterical fake cry.

I love that when I was reading one of her farm books to her and I read about the clucking chicken, she thought I said clapping chicken. Now every time we get to that page she says "clapping chicken!" and starts clapping her hands.

I love that every time I wipe her nose, she takes the cloth to her baby and blows the baby's nose.

I love that one of her new favorite phrases is "Daphne do it!" Independence, baby.

I love that while Daphne honestly wasn't the best of babies, she does make a most excellent toddler.

I love that she makes it so easy to love her.

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One Blessed Momma! said...

Aw, what a sweet post. :0) Aren't kids the bestest?