12 November 2010

Too Early

I wonder if there is someone I can talk to about Daylight Savings? I'm sure it's fabulous for many people, but in our house it just means that Daphne was sleeping until 7-7:30 every morning, but since the time change has decided 6 A.M. is good.

6 A.M. is not good. Arizona does just fine with keeping their clocks the same, maybe I should move there.

So our day is an hour and half longer now, meaning we can accomplish so many more things (and I can capture every one of them on camera).

Daph can talk on her phone more. In this photo she is having a conversation about breakfast.

She has ample time to cook up her owl.

And I can build an amazing box house for Daph to sit in and read her fashion magazines.

I also did 3 loads of laundry, made pancakes from scratch, showered, cleaned the living room and Daphne's bedroom, all before David got up at 9:30.

Hooray for 6 A.M.

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