22 July 2011

Last Year's Fear, This Year's Fun

Since David and I both enjoy going for bike rides, last summer we bought Daphne a bike seat so that we could do some fun, family rides. Bonding, yes?

Our plan did not work for two reasons:

1) Daphne went through a faze where she hated wearing hats, bike helmets included, and

2) When you sat her on the bike seat she screamed in terror.

We tried maybe twice and then gave up because we really didn't want her to develop a life-long fear of bikes.

Last week we got the bike out to try again, hoping that this time it would be met with a more positive response.

Well, friends, I am pleased to say that this year Daphne loves the bike. It has to be a Daddy/Daughter venture for now because I am really not in the mood to go bike riding right now, but David says she sits peacefully in her seat and sings while he pedals for the two of them. And apparently it's hard work biking for two because he always comes home sweaty and stinky.

Bike riding with Daddy is one of her current favorite activities and is something I think they will keep up for as long as the weather stays nice into the fall.

It helps that she is ridiculously cute in her helmet.

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