26 July 2011

The Most Un-Helpful Berry Picker: The Sequel

Let me tell you a little something.

When you're in a raspberry patch that's been pretty cleaned out, you have do a lot of digging and hunting to get your berries. It's a bit of work. So when you look down at your container to check your progress and find a little girl sitting there with a berry stained face and your container is completely empty...it can be discouraging.

Berry picking in the negative. Never good.

I think if we go blueberry picking one more time and maybe do one more raspberry trip we'll be set for the year. We still have tons of jam and jelly leftover from last year, so this year I am drying fruit, making fruit leather and just freezing the berries in bags.

Last year I canned and froze so much that we hardly bought any fruit over the course of the winter. I'm hoping for that again this year, but we have a big event coming right in the middle of canning season that makes me a little nervous about my productivity level this coming fall.

But as I like to say, if the pioneer women did it, so can I.

And I can do it while watching Netflix via the laptop.

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