24 July 2011

Working Off the List. Sort of.

At the beginning of the summer David and I made a list of all the fun activities we wanted to do with Daphne before the baby is born. We've done several of the things already, plus several more that weren't on the list (but should have been) that we did, then I wrote them on the list so I could cross them off.

Do you ever do that? Write something you already did on a 'to do' list just so you can have the pleasure of crossing it off? It's reaaallly fun.

There's a cute area down on the waterfront where you can walk down to the docks and see some boats. Daphne loves boats and water and I think downtown is fun so we have that activity on our list. We needed a hot day since it's always chiller down by the water and FINALLY yesterday we had one.

The sad thing is, we made it downtown and then totally got distracted by other fun activities. For one, the other day my back stopped working for some reason and I've had to hobble around hunched over like I'm 105, leaving my ability to walk many blocks downtown severely limited. (No fair that Daph gets to use the stroller.) For two, we got lunch because food is good. For three, Daph got super excited about the Salmon Street Springs and played there until she was soaked and exhausted. We never made it down to the docks.

So my question is...do I cross downtown off my list or do I add 'Lunch and Salmon Street Springs' to my list and cross that off instead and still try to do the original listed activity?

You can see why my life is so difficult with all these hard decisions to make.

Plus, getting David downtown can be hard work sometimes. He doesn't really like lots of people, or we'll be driving along and I'll see a cute restaurant and say, "Hey, that place looks cute, we should go there sometime!" and he says, "You don't want to go there, the kitchen is dirty and they sell drugs." Or we'll see some nice folks sitting on a street corner and he'll say "Look at those guys doing a drug deal right now." It really ruins the downtown experience. And I should really consider writing a tourism brochure for our fair city, obviously.

The other sad thing is, here we were on a beautiful sunny day, doing a listed activity, and my camera battery died. I never let that happen! Horrible to miss out on Daphne having the best time ever in the springs, although I managed to get 1 or 2 cute photos.

Daph really loves water. It was especially exciting to her when a boat drove by and the riders waved to her. She wanted to go swimming in there, but eww. She would probably contract some horrible, life threatening illness.

But then she saw the springs, where she was a little unsure at first. It didn't take too long for her to be completely soaked and having the time of her life. My camera died before she became brave.

We have many, many more things that we need to get done on our list, because is there really much worse than having a list with un-crossed off items on it? Surely not.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who writes second thought things on the list just so they can be crossed off! LOL!