05 July 2011

We Had a Party and It Was Fun

David almost always has to work on the 4th of July but we were happy that he had this year off. It's nice to have someone around to help deal with our dog, Brynner, who has the worst fear of fireworks (and any other loud noise, like the music from the ice cream man) of any dog I know. I don't know if I really like Brynner. It's hard to like a 60lb dog who climbs on your head when you're trying to sleep, all because he hears a noise. Today David had to fix the garage door that Brynner pulled off the hinges in his attempts to escape. Yes, we medicate him, and no, it's doesn't seem to work at all.

Anyways, David finally had the 4th off so we had 3 families from our home group over for a little party. Daph was a terrible grouch all day while I was trying to cook so to distract her I finally told her that we were having friends over later. That calmed her down, but of course she was asking "when are friends coming?" for hours. There's a reason I usually never tell her things in advance.

Daphne had many 4th of July outfits this year because I always shop after the holiday the year before to find super cheap things, and apparently last year I went a little crazy. It was totally cool that she accidentally fell in the pool mid-evening because that meant she got to wear two of her outfits to the party.

We ate yummy food, did a lot of sitting around chatting, the men played horseshoes, we ate more yummy food and ended with some fireworks. Daphne loved the fireworks until one of those spin-around-while-loudly-whistling ones flew at the children and she got a little trampled in the chaos. Nothing dangerous, since "flew at her" means it came within like 15 feet and "got a little trampled" means there were children running all around and she fell down. After that she liked the quiet, stationary fireworks the best.

If David stays on this same shift he'll have next 4th of July off too. Tomorrow I'm starting my shopping for Daphne's outfits.

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