18 July 2011

The Most Un-Helpful Berry Picker

Today we went blueberry picking and Daphne was overwhelmed with joy when she saw that all those bushes were full of her favorite food.

You'll notice a theme in these photos of Daphne with a hand in her mouth or a hand (or two) in a bucket. I would put berries in my bucket and she would say 'thank you' like it was so nice of me to pick those berries especially for her.

You may as well go for two buckets at once.

Sneaking berries behind the bush.

So nice of her to hold a bucket while eating.

Eye on the prize.

Her #2 accidents (because really, toilets are so over-rated) are going to be so delightful tomorrow.


Miche said...

Her hair! I LOVE IT!

melissa said...

I know! She looks so grown up, huh?

Anonymous said...

But a very cute un-helpful berry picker! Also love the hair! Hopefully the #2 accidents weren't too bad...

Marla said...

I love her hair too! Where did you go picking, by the way?

Miche said...

She does look grown up. The good news is a new tiny one will be here soon :)