19 October 2011

Friends. Possibly.

In case you were wondering how Daphne felt about her baby brother, this photo really sums it up:

He's a playmate, all shiny and new, brought home just for her.

Besides listening to his heart she was also giving him shots. (I was confused on how she thinks she knows what shots are since I think she's only had one shot in her life back when she was 3 months old.)

Daph was telling me the other day that someday Christian will grow up and she can play with him. For now, as soon as she sees him on the floor, she brings over a toy or two and contentedly plays right next to him.

I hope Christian will grow to like her just as much someday, since the looks on his face right now are generally of fear and trepidation as he anticipates getting shots or any other manner of actions that intrude on his personal space.

We'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

The expression on Christian's face in that last photo are priceless. Fear and trepidation indeed! It's the lot of being younger . . .

Kelley said...

Maybe she has watched Papa giving himself a shot. Who knows.

I wonder how much Daphne will like Christian when he wants to play with her toys. Will she let him listen to her heart and give her shots?