27 October 2011


I'm so thankful we had Daphne first and Christian next. Christian is such a good baby; I would have thought all babies were so calm and laid back, and I would have prided myself on my amazing mothering skills to have produced such a gem of a child. Having the Daphinator next would have shocked me senseless and I probably would have been shut away in the attic as David's crazy wife who no one talks about anymore.

I love Daphne, bless her screaming little heart.

Anyways, I say that in part because Daph was very slow to smile as a baby. I don't know why she was so unhappy with us, but she didn't smile until she was at least 8 weeks old and then would only smile once a week or so. If we were lucky.

So it makes my heart happy that this little guy smiled right at 6 weeks, and even smiles multiple times in one day.

I hardly know what to do with all the happy energy floating around our house.

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Marla said...

You're a peach Melissa and I just love the way you think about things... and then write them for the world to see. It's fantastic.