09 July 2012

Christian: 10 Months

Christian has gained so many new skills in the last month I hardly recognize him.  A few of my favorite things that I don't want to forget:

*He can wave now, which is super cute in and of itself, but the best is that whenever he sees himself in the mirror he immediately starts waving like a mad man.  His entire body gets into it and he grins the biggest grin. 

*When he wants to find me he usually goes to the kitchen.  I will hear his little hands slapping on the floor as they leave the carpet and hit the hard kitchen floor and I know he's searching for me.  It's nice that when Christian thinks 'mama' he also thinks 'kitchen.'  (Or not.)

*We have a new-to-us rocket ship swing in the backyard and C will almost fall apart laughing when Daphne pushes him in it.  The hardest he has ever laughed was when he watched her go down the slide.  I love seeing them interact and have fun together.

*When Daphne tries to take toys from him he gets mad.  It's good that he's not going to be a push-over.

*He's so happy.   Sometimes he just crawls around and chuckles to himself.   Not to be disrespectful to his big sister, but it is wonderful to have a happy baby.  It's so much more fun than a sad baby.   The plus side to having a sad baby is that you do a lot of bouncing the sad baby around the house and going for long walks and running up and down the stairs.  With sad babies you lose your baby weight very quickly.  With happy babies you can sit more and so you don't lose weight as quickly.  But then if the happy baby makes you stop eating all food then you lose lots of weight.  I guess the moral of the story is: have a sad baby for weight loss, and have a happy baby with food issues also for weight loss.  Don't just have a straight up happy baby. 

*He pulls himself to standing and even likes to let go of what he's holding.  I don't imagine that he'll be walking too soon because his legs seem way too spindly for that.  He weighs 16 1/2 lbs now...that's a lot of chunk for those skinny legs to try to hold.

*He still spits up ALL the time!  I was hoping he would be done with that nonsense by now.  Spitting up since 2 weeks old is a long time for the baby puke smell to be permeating our household.  Now that he's crawling I'm always finding piles of his gross spit in various locations.  It's nice that I have a Dyson, a carpet cleaner and a steam mop...they all get used quite regularly.

*And this is going to sound completely nutso...but I think he's saying words!  It seems so early for that, but he did start signing earlier than Daphne, so maybe it's possible?   He crawls toward me and says "mama,"  says "dada" when he sees David, has said "yaya" a few times when we're out with Lola.  And a couple of times he's said "all done" when eating, and "eat" when I asked him if he wanted to eat.   He's done all of these things multiple times (and the "mama" and "yaya" happen all the time), he does it in the right context, and he's done it in front of other people.  Maybe I should get those people to write a blog post on what they heard so that it sounds more believable than coming from me.  David says Christian is talking, for those of you who believe David over me (which I assume is most of you).

By the way, next month Christian turns 1.  NEXT MONTH.   Sheesh.

Now, would you please admire the smile!!  First one in 10 months of photos:

And he finally started getting mischievous and not cooperating. 

(Sorry for no comparison photos this month.  They are all on the other computer and I'm way too comfortable right now to go mess with that.  These are the best monthly photos anyways, thanks to the smiling.)

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Meeka said...

That picture of you and Christian is too darling . . .