15 July 2012

A Spontaneous Day

This morning after church we stopped for lunch, and on the way home both kids fell asleep.  Miracle of miracles. 

We decided to just drive awhile to let them sleep.  We crossed over into WA and followed the highway east.  We're so used to driving the Gorge from the Oregon side; it's nice to get the Washington view every now and again. 

I learned where Washougal is.  All this time I thought it was north, like near Battle Ground.  It's not.  It's east, by Camas.  It's actually really pretty there.

The kids woke up about 45 minutes later right as we were near Cascade Locks.  So of course we stopped for ice cream at the East Wind Drive-In.  Of course it was beautiful and Daphne had one of those gigantic ice cream cones and both kids were having the best time ever, but I had no camera due to the spontaneous nature of the trip.  I also had no spare diaper, so poor Christian was in a wet diaper for about 6 hours. 

But I did take pictures before we left for church.  Christian gets to borrow Addie Mae's cute little shoes, and then Daphne wanted to wear a shirt that matched Christian's, and then we just had to take a picture of it all.  

I hope the shoes still fit for football season.  There's some room left in the toes, so hopefully.

I don't know if you've ever heard me say it, but those are some CUTE kids right there.


Kelley said...

Uhm, I think there may be places called stores where you can buy something called disposable diapers. C might have appreciated it.

D knows a great shirt when she sees one! I'm glad she wanted to match. :)

melissa said...

I don't think there are any diaper selling stores between here and Cascade Locks. :)