24 July 2012

Mr. President

I gotta tell you, we are on a ROLL when it comes to our kids meeting famous people.  First, Daphne got to see the Pioneer Woman, then we met Bob from Bob's Red Mill, and today...the President:

And it took this major event to finally figure out how to take the pictures from our phones and put them on the computer.  David and I live in Little House on the Prairie times when it comes to technology.  In fact, I am currently typing this blog post on my typewriter. 

This morning we walked to Starbucks and Fred Meyers.  This event is so very typical in our lives, and our camera was full of nearly 350 photos from the action packed weekend we had, that I decided not to take the camera with us.  As we were sitting at Starbucks we got to watch a Coast Guard helicopter fly low and slow circles over our heads.  Both kids found this to be wonderful.  David remembered that the President was coming into town today and realized the helicopter was part of security duty.

No picture of the real helicopter, but it looked pretty much just like this one.

We went into Fred's to pick up the things we needed and headed back home.  We didn't get very far when we saw all the traffic was stopped, and there were quite a few police motorcycles blocking streets.  Fortunately for us, families with small children apparently do not look threatening, so we were able to continue on our route even though cars weren't allowed through.

Then came the President's motorcade, right out of our neighborhood.  Do you think he drove by our house?   Wondered at all the weeds in the front yard?  I'm sure.

While I don't have any actual photos of the kids and him, and we didn't 'technically' meet him, we saw his profile in his car as he was just feet from us.  Close enough to qualify as yet another famous person meeting.

**Update:  I just saw on the news that the president ate lunch at a restaurant mere minutes from our house.  Our neighborhood is apparently the happening place to be for the presidential types.

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Shelley said...

I found you too! And what a delightful blog you have.:) Three things...1-What a gorgeous bathroom remodel! Wow, you guys did a great job. 2-Two thumbs up on the tape magnets! David can go ahead and be skeptical, I thought they were awesome. 3-My brother would be able to identify with the whole gluten-free thing, he has celiac. Do you have to eat gluten free for you, or for Christian?

As you can see, I've been browsing back through all your old posts like a regular stalker. But I'm thoroughly enjoying it.:) Keep it up!