27 July 2012

More Berries

Last week a couple of friends and I plus all of our children went to my favorite blueberry patch.  We were basically a berry farmer's worst nightmare, what with all the children and all, and I wouldn't say it was an extremely successful trip since Christian was like "mom! hold me!" the entire time.

Practically the second we got there my camera battery died, which was disappointing because I really wanted a photo of all those children

Wednesday was round two at the blueberry patch, this time with Meeka and her boys.  I left Christian at home with David so that I could really be productive, but I completely forgot my camera which was again terrible.  The blueberry patch is important!  It must be documented with photos!

So here's where I get to cheat and give you a blog post without actually having to write a blog post, as I'll just link you over to Meeka's blog so you can see the darling photos that she took.  She is a great writer and kindly leaves out the tidbits like when Daphne bashed Derek in the side with her berry basket. 

Easiest blog post I ever wrote.

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Kelley said...

I'm glad you want to church the butter.