26 July 2012

Farm Girl for a Day

Finally, at 3 and a 1/2 years old, Daphne got to experience one of my favorite things:

Somehow we've missed out every year, but this past weekend timing worked out so that we could make it happen.

(If someone could bottle up the combine smell and make it into a candle, I would totally buy it.) 

She was terrified at first, which surprises me because she loves riding on the tractor.  The combine is rather large, I suppose.

But it did not take her long to love it and try to drive it. It's hard to remain afraid when you're going 3mph, no matter how large the vehicle. 
Papa-Great on the chopper, us on the combine.

Christian didn't get to ride.  I put him in this position for a photo, and while it may look like he's enjoying watching the combine go by, he was actually fussing because instead of holding him I was making him crawl in the grass.  Terrible mother.

After combining it was time to play in the mud,
the mess!!  aahhhh!

and have a little wake for Brynner.

He is buried in a happy place, where he used to chase chickens and check out the llamas.

When we told Daphne that Brynner died, she said, "He's with God.  He's in Heaven with Jesus.  We're all done with Brynner so he went to Jesus' house.  Jesus built a house for him with wood."

Brynner is probably pretty happy up there.  I think he has a field full of mailmen to chase.

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Michelle said...

She is so cute! I love what she said about Brynner. Poor guy. It's nice to think that there are only mailmen and never thunderstorms in heaven. :-)

I hope we can get together again soon! Maybe at least one more time before BSF starts. Gosh... that is coming right up. Crazy.