03 October 2014

It's Pumpkin Patch Time!

Today started a week of paternity leave for David.  He cheated a bit and spread his time out so we could trick our minds into thinking he's had longer time off for the baby.  Plus now we can use this next week to go to many pumpkin patches and do other fun fall activities. 

First up on our agenda was a pumpkin patch we've never been to before, although once there I felt deep down in my brain that I had been there as a kid?  It's The Flower Farmer in Canby.  We didn't know about the train when we went today, but the train was the familiar part to me.  I don't know, I might be making things up.

Anyways, we drove down the back way so we could ride the Canby Ferry.  The Canby Ferry is so fun we kind of want to buy a 20-ride pass.  If it doesn't expire for years so we would have a chance to use all 20 rides, it would totally be worth it.

children like ferry rides

I think we've decided this particular pumpkin patch will have to become a yearly place to visit.  The kids loved every bit of it, it's beautiful, the owner guy is super nice, it's a great place for a picnic lunch, we got to ride a ferry to get there, we went on a weekday and so had the place to ourselves...I could go on and on about the loveliness of our day.

Once home I artfully arranged our new pumpkins in various places around our property, until Daphne came along behind me taking back HER pumpkins and scolding me for decorating with HER pumpkins because SHE wants to decorate with them.  She went to David and said, "Mom keeps stealing my pumpkins for decorating, can you tell her to stop stealing my pumpkins?" and he said, "Are you seriously tattling on your mom to me?"  (The exchange reminded me of this post, and this post from exactly 2 years ago today.)  She took her pumpkins and hid them under some bushes, and now our front yard looks like a fall Easter egg hunt gone awry.
the happiest pumpkin children you ever saw

Happy Fall, y'all.  May you not stoop so low as to steal pumpkins from your children.

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Kelley said...

Yes, you were there as a child. D needs to come get more pumpkins from here. No train but she can play with Pascha. :) You can get more pumpkins, too.