15 October 2014

The Predictable October Post

We are fresh back from our MCC Sale weekend!  I'll try not to spend too much time talking about it since I'm sure that gets boring year after year.  (You can read about last year here.)

This post from 2012 gives vital information about our yearly sign photo, which must be shared because we nearly had a sign-catastrophe this year.  You'll notice our previous photos are all with the sign hung on a lovely fence with that cement ledge for us to pose ourselves on. 

Imagine my great angst when arriving at the sale this year to first off  NOT SEE THE SIGN AT ALL, bringing out an angry monologue about needing the sign because this year's photo included a new person and thus was very important and how will we survive if this photo tradition has died...and on and on.   Finally we saw the sign, but we found it in a most horrific location: right by the doors with the no smoking signs/other random signs/poor lighting/reflections...just an all around not good situation. 
(The angst I felt was very similar to how I felt when shopping at Salvation Army last week for used canning jars and finding them being sold for $1.99 and $2.99 each.   Robbery!  But that is neither here nor there.) 

So we made do with our sign photo despite the difficulties.  I would encourage the sign people to get it right next year.
thanks for cooperating for the photo, David

thank for cooperating for the photo, no one

The doughnuts were especially good this year, probably because we get smarter each year in our efficiency with them.  Remember this fascinating doughnut cutter story from December?  What I did not disclose in the story was that I actually bought the last two cutters, one for me and one for my sister to go with her Christmas gift.  They came in VERY handy on Saturday. 

I added this photo just because it's so flattering

We missed GAL's family, though, so come back next year, guys!

Why we didn't take a picture with all 5 great grandchildren I'll never know.  Except I do know, because David took this picture, not me.  A proper cousin photo, plus a better sign photo, is on the list of things to improve on for next year I guess. 
Jonas is missing


Michelle said...

Sometimes I feel like no one appreciates the importance of the yearly photo in a certain place... but maybe this year will just be that fluke year that we can always look back on and laugh at like, "Remember that one year where no one was cooperating!" Hopefully that's just one year and not all the years... Haha!

Cathy said...

Love the swing photo! Pure cousin/doughnut joy!!

Anonymous said...

I can't go to the MCC sale without thinking of you and your blog :-) And I SPECIFICALLY looked for the sign this year on that fence... thinking of your yearly picture and alas it was not there! I never saw it in the new location. Thank goodness you found it! :-)