16 October 2014

Jonas: 4 Months

A few of Jonas's current favorites:
-laughing at Daphne
-chewing on his hands
-staring at his feet
-looking at Mom with sad eyes so she will hold him
-eating in the nighttime
-yelling at people
-spitting up
-wearing bibs/changing clothes a lot because of drooling/spitting
-letting his hair turn blonde
-grabbing stuff

Today he filled his diaper and spit up at the exact same time, while sitting on my lap so that I got the leakage of everything on my pants.  That is raw, 4 month-old talent right there.

1 comment:

Erika said...

DROOLING. What is it with drool? It must be the most fun thing ever. Millie just discovered how to do it and it must be a big game to see how quickly she can replace the drool that I just wiped off or something...if she weren't so darn cute, it might really drive me insane. So I'm glad to know she's not the only baby living it up like that!!! He is precious!!