27 October 2014

When the Children Don't Sleep, Nobody Sleeps

Posting is long over-due here, but I have to pop in and say I wish you could hear the squeals that go along with these gigantic smiles.

Sleep has been rough over here lately, but at least one of us can maintain joy about the whole situation.  Of course, the joyful one is the one who is given ample opportunities for slumber.  He just doesn't always take them. 

Between night terrors (Daphne), midnight bathroom issues (Daphne and Christian) and wanting to eat every three hours (Jonas), nighttime has been a wild ride. 

It's like Disneyland, only free.
shaking off the cobwebs with a walk

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Erika said...

Ahh he is SO adorable!! I think he and Millie should date!! (in 30 years, of course)